Develop Your Natural Self

Meditation is Alive


There are so many misconceptions and old attitudes about meditation that can put people off developing a thriving meditation practice.

We have heard of all the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices, but developing a practice you love and look forward to eludes many people.

Let's tear down the obstacles and bring to life your practice that is based in your own nature - your individuality.

No matter who you are - whether you have had a practice for years, or are just dabbling in the idea of meditation, this natural and instinctive style will have you be better rested and having more energy. You will be more attuned to your environment, more alert. You will be clearer in your decisions, and perceive more beauty in life. You will develop the feeling that you are coming home to your true nature and you will act accordingly.

Courses, Workshops, Coaching and Retreats


An individual practice is best developed in a supportive small group or in the context of one on one coaching, where you discover what works for you rather than being given generic direction and instruction.

Our courses and workshops, either in the workplace or in the yoga studio, are restricted to no more than 12 participants. 

Our executive weekend immersion will have no more than 4 attendees.

There are thousands of years of traditional yoga and meditation practices to explore - finding what works for your nature requires individual attention and tuning like a fine instrument.

Yoga for Every Body


Yoga is so many things.

The pictures we often see on social media can sometimes make us feel that there is no way we could do that. I'm not flexible enough, skinny enough, strong enough.

Real yoga is about bringing all the parts of you together. Our Asana classes bring movement,   breath, tender awareness of emotions and sensations together. In an environment that is supportive, encouraging, humourous and at the same time deeply personal. The intention is that you will leave a practice feeling more connected with yourself, no matter what shapes you have made with your unique body.


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