Michael McDowall


My passion is to help people truly live their best lives, at work and at home. I do this by helping people develop a personalised and unique meditation practice, that they look forward to, through one on one coaching, courses, retreats or classes. Whether you are an executive looking for balance or clarity, an HR lead seeking to improve wellness in the workplace, or for your own personal development, together, we can develop a program and practice that is for you.

For nearly 20 years I have been studying wellness in one form or another,  whilst at the same time working with Telstra in technical problem solving and people leader roles. I completed Yoga teacher training in 2011, and for the last three years have been studying with and mentored by Dr Lorin Roche and his partner Camille Maurine, authors of numerous books on meditation including Meditation Made Easy, and Meditation Secrets for Women. Our number one challenge is reshaping people's thinking about what meditation is, getting away from the old idea of a monk sitting crossed legged, stopping thoughts, suppressing emotions. I love it when I see people GET IT!!!! That meditation can be a rich sensory, enlivening experience while producing all the benefits of deep rest, relaxation, healing and clarity. Meditation is tuning oneself for life. 

I also weave this meditation philosophy into my Yoga classes and offer studio and corporate classes. Some workshops include Bowen Therapy and Reiki treatments.

With my family, water skiing, camping and capturing life and our beautiful land through the lens of photography are my other loves.