Meditation Coaching and Teaching


One on One Meditation Coaching

The best way to develop your unique practice is to work one on one with a coach. Everybody is unique and developing a set of techniques that suit your lifestyle, personality and needs is efficient, effective and enriching.

Either face to face or via video conferencing, together we will develop your practice - out of your own life experiences. One that you will look forward to. One that tunes you up for life.

Bundle of 4 sessions - $400

Individual Follow up Sessions - $120

Session length will vary based around the individual but will be generally around an hour.

6 week Meditation Made Easy course.

This course gives a wonderful introduction to help you develop your own style of meditation in a small group setting. Restricted to 12 participants this course is offered in various yoga studios.

The 6 ninety minute sessions are structured to provide you with ongoing development and deepening of your practice, while being able to leave the very first session with a working meditation that is your very own.

Investment in this course is $150.

Meditation Made Easy for Yoga Teacher Training

For those running Yoga Teacher Training - this two day immersion into teaching Natural and Instinctive Meditation through The Radiance Sutras will give your upcoming teachers a deeper understanding of their own ways into meditation and give them a language that is appropriate for students living in todays world.

Traditional teachings may have been relevant for those who sought a renunciate lifestyle - Now, as teachers we need to provide a life affirming practice to our students - one that lights them up.

Contact us for more details on enlivening your blossoming teachers meditation practices and inspiring the way they teach.

Restorative Yoga, Meditation with the Radiance Sutras, Reiki and Bowen Therapy immersion

Join Michael and Kimberley Bradley ( for this 2 hour immersion.

You will spend time in delightfully restorative poses where you will be beautifully supported by bolsters, blankets, and blocks to allow the body to sink into deep rest and opening. For each pose, we have selected one of the brilliant Radiant Sutras for you to be with. The flow of poses will allow us to access your body for an overall Bowen Therapy session, while also allowing access to the subtle body for Reiki.

Cost - $70

Corporate Yoga and Meditation


Yoga in Your Workplace

Lunch time or morning yoga classes are tailored to take into account the various level of your staff's abilities. From a quick 30 minute class to an hour, this flowing style of yoga will leave your staff feeling relaxed,  refreshed and ready to go on with their day.

Instinctive Meditation Workshops

Give your staff the skills to tune themselves up for a richer, more creative, more productive life. A good meditation practice helps people tune themselves up for life. People who have a successful meditation practice flow through life with more ease, make clearer decisions, have better relationships and are generally more productive. Our style of meditation is unique, in that it offers people the opportunity to develop their own natural and instinctive practice that they look forward to. 

For small groups of up to 12, this 6 hours of training, best delivered over 4 weeks provides a great foundation for a sustainable practice that will reap real benefits. Too often short online courses, or one off sessions are delivered with no follow up and no results.

Weekend Executive Meditation Retreats

This retreat is specifically designed to take you out of the city and connect you into nature and a natural, instinctive way of being with yourself.

In small groups of no more than 4, you will explore and develop a variety of ways to meditate that you will take home with you and be looking forward to practicing on a daily basis. You will have time and space to rest, and will also need some sense of adventure.

Recharge yourself, and not your phone, with fresh air and clean, simple foods. Take time to walk in nature, and be led in some light exercise and deep rest through yoga practices that will take into account your level of fitness.

Less than 2.5 hours from Brisbane, your accommodation will be a Swag and your sleeping bag, phone calls are replaced by the sound of a creek, video conferences and computer screens are replaced by the stars unaffected by light and air pollution and a cracking campfire.

And yes you will be doing it a little bit rough, but fully supported.

Come as a team willing to get to know yourselves and each other at a different level. You will leave with a meditation practice that you look forward to  - that provides you with all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that you crave.

Your group investment of $6000 + GST also includes three follow up coaching sessions for each participant in the practices you develop over the following three months.



Donna and Dave Sutherland

We have been practicing yoga with Michael for over 6 months, when he let us know that he was holding a ‘meditation made easy’ course,  we thought this would be a way to help enrich our everyday lives. Michael taught us simple exercises showing that there are ‘no rules’ to meditation, it can take place anytime, anyplace in our everyday life, through using our senses we learnt ways to reach a place that created a feeling of contentment and provided a ‘sense of wonder’ for this life.

The techniques we learnt helped deepen our feelings of gratitude and taught us that we hold the keys to our own happiness. 

It was a small and intimate group, the course was fun and easy, a very special part of the course was the reading from “Radiance Sutras’ such beautiful poetry.

This is a great course to learn a variety of ways to integrate meditation into your daily life.

Michael Hynes

I previously had a love/hate relationship with meditation. While the benefits have long been well documented, I though the discipline required was beyond me. The Meditation Made Easy course has helped me understand meditation can be practiced via many different avenues, both physical and spiritual. Since taking Michael's course, I am no longer looking for the supposed "right" way to meditate, I am looking for the most natural fit for my mind, body and soul at that moment.

Michael's passion for meditation plus his easy going and unconditionally accepting nature, really helped me to explore meditation in a different way which has made it a much more accessible practice. My meditation practice has now evolved from a stifling chore to a truly freeing experience. Thanks Michael.

Di Gibson

I recently attended the Meditation Made Easy course at Yoga Sol facilitated by Michael. If you are interested in finding out about Meditation or simply feeling a little stale in an already developed practice, I would highly recommend this course. Michael created a welcoming and safe space to explore different pathways for Meditation practice and encouraged our curiosity and a sense of lightness and fun within the group. It was a great balance of theory and practice and Michael's knowledge and enthusiasm definitely  inspired the group to further develop our practice.

Sam about Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Bowen Therapy Workshop

Just had the pleasure of experiencing this workshop.... I highly recommend it for everyone - 2 hours of total relaxation, bliss and release. Thanks to both Michael and Kimberley for sharing their truly special gifts.

Jillian Warren - Yoga Teacher

The Meditation Made Easy weekend meditation workshop was fantastic, and it is just as it’s title suggests. I was a little uncertain about doing the workshop as I didn’t consider myself to be a person who could stay for long periods in meditation.
My fears, however, were soon allayed as Michael guided students gently through meditation practices. 

Michael has a very engaging style and encouraged participants to explore who they are in a totally supportive environment. 

I would highly recommend joining Michael with any of his offerings